Perfect Clean Of Fernandina - Cleaning Services

We believe you should choose us because Perfect Clean, Inc. has been in the Residential/Rental cleaning industry for 28 years.  We have the experience, reliability and trust that our Clients expect and deserve.
Please look over our Residential/Rental “To Do List
Perfect Clean’s trained uniformed Staff will do just about every kind of housecleaning chore.
Before we get to our check list or “To Do List”, we need to emphasis the following:
Services Done On Request:  Inside ovens and refrigerators, inside windows, easily reachable outside first story windows/sliding glass doors and laundry.
Services Not Performed: Outside second story windows, cleaning up animal messes, cleaning the inside of curio cases and/or china cabinets or any job the employee feels physically endangered in doing.
Our “To Do List”:
Before you leave for the Job Site;

  • Check you supplies and equipment.  Are they adequate for today’s jobs?
  • Make sure you know how to get to the job site(s). Bring the key(s) you will need to gain entrance.

Before you start cleaning at the Job Site;

  • Turn off light fixtures you plan on cleaning so they have time to cool off
  • Start dishwasher if applicable
  • Look for a list of cleaning priorities left for you by the Homeowner.  Follow the list if one was left for you.


  • Countertops – Concentrate on remembering where objects are located, move all objects, wash counter, shine and replace objects in their proper position.
  • Stove – windex or use cream cleaner on glass cook tops, drip pans, remove, soak if necessary, clean.

Top/front/sides (if reachable)/fan/control panel – clean and shine.
Clean interior if requested by client.  Normally, you will not run self-cleaning ovens through their cycle as you may not be able to finish the job when the cycle is complete.

  • Refrigerator – top/sides/front – including the usually removable ice catcher grill and if requested, the interior.
  • Microwave – inside/outside/top/control panel.
  • Dishwasher – inside/outside
  • Small appliances – clean and shine, dump toaster out.
  • Cabinet fronts and edges – clean, shine hardware.
  • Sink/Faucets – scrub and shine, include stoppers, top and inside of drain area.
  • Use Comet for porcelain or Barkeeper’s Friend for stainless steel, dry and buff for shine.


  • Glass, sills/tracks – clean glass and frames, shine hardware.


  • Clean with a damp cloth.

Light fixtures:

  • Clean and shine.


  • Sweep and mop.


  • Light fixtures - Clean and shine.
  • Shower/Tub - Scrub clean, thoroughly rinse, shine hardware.
  • Shower doors - scrub clean, shine hardware, frames.
  • Sinks - Scrub clean, shine hardware.
  • Soap Dish - Clean and shine.
  • Mirror - Clean glass all the way to the top, make sure it is crystal clear.
  • Pictures -  Clean glass and dust frames.
  • Countertops/Shelves – Concentrate on remembering where objects are located, remove, clean and shine, replace objects.
  • Cabinet Fronts - Clean, shine hardware.
  • Toilets - Clean inside and entire outside, from top of tank to base.
  • Floor - Sweep and mop.
  • Towels – Re-hang nicely or replace, if soiled.


  • Furniture - Remove surface objects, dust surface and objects, replace objects.
  • Window blinds, table legs, chair legs, pictures on walls-remember to dust these.
  • Door Frames, window ledges, baseboards-remember to dust these.
  • Television - top/back/sides, use a soft cloth.
  • Cob webs – remove them wherever you see them.


  • Entry ways - Sweep and mop, vacuum if carpeted.
  • Other uncarpeted areas – Sweep and Mop.
  • Carpeted Areas - Move all easily, moved furniture, clean cushions with vacuum attachment or brush, vacuum surfaces including stairs.  Careful not to bump into furniture with vacuum.
  • Throw rugs – Notice their position, take rugs outside and shake if not to heavy (clean with vacuum if too heavy to shake outside) replace in their proper place.

Miscellaneous Jobs:

  • Sliding Doors - Clean glass inside and out, clean frame and tracks.
  • Porches – Front and back, sweep, shake out door mats.

As you Leave:

  • Leave a note about cleaning supplies the Client needs to purchase (if we are not providing supplies)
  • Leave a note about anything you damaged and call the Office about it ASAP.
  • Arm the alarm system if asked to do so.
  • Lock all doors close and lock all windows. Turn lights off/check thermostat.

It is our pleasure to take care of your most precious possession, your Home!